F*** Off I’m a Hairy Woman

Details of the documentary featuring Shazia Mirza about hairy women.

BBC 3 Thursday March 29, 2007, 09:00 PM 1 hr

Stand-up comic Shazia Mirza is a very hairy lady. Now she’s growing out her body hair for six months to see if she can learn to love it and convince the rest of the world to love it too.


See Shazia being interviewed by Richard & Judy


2 Responses to “F*** Off I’m a Hairy Woman”

  1. stormy Says:

    Just thought I’d swing by and do a link dump, from over at Incurable Hippie’s:



    As I said over at Hippie’s:
    Like you, my ‘political statement’ part of my reasoning is often hidden by trousers 99% of the time. In summer, I do wear skirts/dresses, but they are also to the ankle!

    As well as being ‘less to do’ for all these stupid high-maintenance ‘feminine’ rituals (saving both time and money), it also saves a lot of energy – by never worrying about it, or even thinking about it.

  2. hippie Says:

    Thanks stormy!

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